For Teachers

I run a mentorship programme for developing teachers of Pilates as well as continuous professional development for existing and experienced teachers.

Move beyond self imposed shame of 'not knowing'.

Move beyond self imposed shame of ‘not knowing’.

Throughout my career I have enjoyed the peaks of enjoyment and fulfilment as a movement teacher, but I have found myself in pockets of boredom and plateau, overload & despair. Sometimes I was lucky enough to have a person who could help guide me, sometimes not. 

With my quirkiness and propensity for being a lone wolf, I struggled with the concept but eventually began my search for a mentor and before long I found someone who resonated with me. 

To find your own mentor, look for someone who you can trust. It can be challenging to express the areas we are finding difficult or feel we should ‘know’. However, it is in this space where we have the opportunity to flourish and to ignite the embers of curiosity. 

My Mentoring course includes:

  • Introduction/Ending Meeting
  • Five weekly one-to-one sessions 
  • Access to weekly classes M/W/F 30 mins 8:30am-9am

The 5 one to one sessions are tailored to your specific requirements gleaned from our initial conversation. These may change as we work together and there is the option to add more one to one sessions if desired.

Some common themes that have arisen from mentoring sessions:

  • Improve awareness of your own personal practice, work through specific pieces of movement that are ‘stuck’ or just plain difficult. These blockages can be physical, mental or emotional. 
  • What to do next? Do I need to dive deeper into what I already know? Am I ready to take on new material and if so what & with whom? Do I understand the materials well enough to teach others?
  • Teaching different bodies. “What’s in the manual isn’t working”. 
  • What is the exercise for? How do I breakdown the skills needed for my client to be successful. What does that success look like?
  • Getting ready for a Teacher Training Exam.

Weekly Classes are an opportunity for you to enjoy moving regularly throughout the mentorship. With the intention of getting out of your ‘teacher mode’ and just enjoying being taught. Or the option to analysis the class cueing & exercise choices. It’s an opportunity to step back and work on your own practice.