Emma is an extremely warm and kind person, she is passionate about her work, prepares thoroughly but is also intuitive to the body in front of her. 
Her love of her work and helping people is obvious.
GK Zennor – Client/Pilates Teacher
Emma is an exceptional teacher, she is very knowledgable and is great at communicating this information to both teachers and non pilates teachers. Her style is precise and fun and she teaches in a compassionate way. 
KA Bradley – Business Owner of PAYD
You are more than a Pilates teacher, you tune into me as a person. You move seamlessly between teacher, coach, counsellor! You use your enormous technical knowledge wisely. I know you have enormous knowledge but you don’t beat me up with it. But you flex to my learning style and give me the information that I totally understand, can relate to and translate it to something in my body! You challenge me but you help me to be kind to myself as well – always noticing my strength not just where I need to develop.
K Page – Director Courvello