Teacher Mentor

I’ve been a Comprehensive-trained Pilates teacher for 17+ years, a previous certified member of the PMA (Pilates Method Alliance) and a Teacher Trainer (UK Faculty) for Fletcher Pilates 2015-2021.

I have had the opportunity to study Pilates with teachers from different lineages including, Jillian Hessel, Kyria Sabin, Ellie Herdman, Maria Earle, Blossom, Alan Herdman, Amy Taylor Alpert’s & Kathryn Ross-Nash.

A special mention to my mentor and friend Sarah Woodhouse. Sarah was a Fletcher Teacher who worked with Ron Fletcher. During my years with Sarah I learned about the detail & precision of Ron’s work, his love of movement and our capacity to move freely in our bodies. Sarah and I taught the Fletcher Pilates Comprehensive program in the UK together.