About Me

My Pilates journey began after a car accident (2004) whilst pregnant with my second child. It left me in constant discomfort and often acute pain. Traditional medicine was useful, however, I realised I was going to need to find some longer term solutions for my body.

I moved to Santa Cruz, California in 2005 with my young family and it was here I started my training.

After two Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training courses (PoleStar & a Classical program ) and then qualifying in Gyrotonic(R) & Gyrokiesis(R). I’d finally managed to find a place where I was no longer in constant discomfort. It took a lot of work and I learned so much about anatomy, pain and movement. 

Whilst in Santa Cruz, I started studying Fletcher Pilates. It was this part of my training that really transformed me into the Teacher I am today. I completed Fletcher training in the UK and was on their Faculty team from 2015-2022. During this time I taught the Fletcher Comprehensive Pilates program, Fletcher Intensive and one day courses to qualified Pilates teachers and students of the work. 

I closed my studio in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire in 2021 after the Pandemic and have relocated to Malta via Barcelona. Currently, I am in my first year of study for a BSc in Podiatry at Malta University 2023-2027.  I continue to work in person at https://elevist.mt and online with clients. This Summer I am visiting studios throughout the UK and Europe delivering a Pilates & Podiatry Fusion Workshop. And finally, I look forward to setting up a new business in Malta which brings both Pilates & Podiatry together in a product.