Pilates and Props – New Class!

When you see someone walking through a town with a foam mat under their arm, I always think “Oh, there’s a Pilates or Yoga class available nearby”. My next thought is whether I know the teacher, whether they wanted to grab a coffee sometime and spend an hour talking about movement.

Some people only experience Pilates on the floor or “mat” but the repertoire within Pilates has been much wider and more comprehensive than that. Not everyone has regular access to a Reformer, WundaChair or Cadillac and I’ve been re-acquainting myself in a long term love affair with the Springboard. Absence certainly made the heart grow fonder. If you don’t have one, get in touch and I can refer a good supplier.

But we can use lots of different tools and props to add to our Pilates workouts. Some like the foam roller or balls and weights are easy to explain; some others like the Magic Circle, Spine Corrector or even the Fletcher Towel might be a little more obscure. But all of them are inexpensive ways to enhance and extend your Pilates workout and add some variety depending on your needs.

Over on HPYLife, I’ve just launched my new Pilates and Props class. Each week, over Zoom, we will work with different props to add variation and quality to our workouts. You’ll learn the ways these tools can be used as well as an opportunity to understand why they should be used and what qualities they extend to your workouts.

Hope to see you there.

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